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Andy’s online portfolio includes a wide range of extremely high-end fantasy works, which put Andy in the top league of professional 3D artists. As such, he doesn’t need to create advertising for himself. Nevertheless, he’s been working on a short film for the past ten years that’s slowly beginning to take shape. He’s completed a trailer for the short film that offers a first glimpse into the project. He plans to have the film complete by the first quarter of 2015.

A pile of junk, which obviously used to be a space ship, lying in the desert. Elements added after the crash such as simple mobiles, a canopy and an antennae built from spare parts indicate that someone lives here. The stranded character can only be seen in the reflection on his communication computer monitor, which constantly displays the message that no connection can be established. But suddenly the communication systems receive a signal from an aircraft that is crash landing on the planet …

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